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Tick Control

It is important your cat or dog has appropriate tick and flea control. 

The main tick of concern for pet owners is the Paralysis Tick (Ixodes holocyclus) as it can cause paralysis and death within 2-4 days of attachment. Whilst Paralysis Ticks generally occur in certain geographic areas (mainly along the coastal eastern seaboard of Australia) they can attach to pets who visit these areas during the warmer months, particularly if they are allowed to run through scrub. Ticks may also hitch a ride back with you or a neighbour in cars, rugs, towels or plants.

Treating tick paralysis can be costly; luckily there are great products on the market to help prevent tick paralysis.

Tick preventatives for dogs:

  • ​Nexgard Spectra- Monthly chew against fleas, ticks, and worms.

  • Nexgard-               Monthly chew against fleas and ticks.

  • Bravecto-               3 monthly chew against fleas and ticks.

  • Bravecto Spot on- 4-6 monthly topical treatment against fleas and ticks.

Tick preventatives for cats:

  • Bravecto spot on-   3 monthly topical spot on against fleas and ticks

  • Frontline Spray-      3 weekly topical spray

  • Revolution Plus-      Monthly topical treatment for fleas, ticks and worms.

Flea Control

Fleas are most often seen during the warmer months but as we keep our homes nice and warm throughout winter, we see fleas all year round. Only a small part of the adult flea population actually lives on your pet. The fleas’ eggs and larvae live in the environment and can survive for up to a year, so it is important to not only treat your animal directly for fleas but also decontaminate the environment as well.  

There are many great products available to help prevent fleas. Contact the clinic today to find out more.

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