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Spring has Sprung!

As the weather begins to heat up we always see a reemergence of paralysis ticks begin to plague our beloved pets. This is why we strongly recommend ensuring your pet is on suitable tick prevention. There are excellent products on the market to aid in the prevention of ticks.

There is also no better time to book your dog in for a groom as they shed their winter coat and prepare for the warmer months. Keeping your dogs coat neat and short is an excellent way to aid in the detection of ticks. Book your dog in with our groomer today!

We also perform grooming services on cats to remove long and or matted coats, this is done by our wonderful vets and nurses under an anaesthetic. Call the clinic today to enquire about pricing and availability.


In the spotlight:

- We say goodbye to our excellent locum vet Ryan who is making the move to Ireland. We wish him all the best and he will be missed!

- We are officially registered as a Covid-19 safe business. We will continue our efforts in ensuring a safe environment for our clients and staff.

- We have expanded to open a pop-up clinic located at Newrybar! This clinic will be open from 12pm-2pm on two Mondays a month. Check out the Newrybar section of our website for available dates. Bookings are essential.

- Saturdays are no longer a walk-in clinic. As we get busier we do not wish to keep you waiting. Bookings are now required for Saturdays to ensure they day runs as smoothly as possible. This is a slow transition as we have been a walk-in clinic for a number of years and know that some of our clients may not be aware of the new change. We do ask for your patience and thank you for your ongoing support over the years.


Tick Season

A paralysis tick on a patient's eye

'Tick Season' is approaching and we strongly encourage you to review your tick prevention plan over the next coming weeks. We have written the

below article which contains some important information on paralysis ticks within the northern rivers. If you have any questions regarding your pet and ticks please feel free to contact us either via email, phone or drop in and have a chat with our expert team.

Ticks in Spring
Download PDF • 785KB


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