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Diagnostic Imaging

Mullum Vets is your trusted local veterinarian offering comprehensive care for your pet. Our facility is fully equipped with modern diagnostic tools, such as an ultrasound scanner and an X-ray unit, to ensure accurate diagnosis and proper treatment for our patients. Our experienced vets provide expert advice and care for your furry friend.



Most of our patients are admitted into hospital for the day to have an ultrasound done. The scan is painless and non-invasive, but will usually require the area to be shaved.We offer both routine ultrasounds such pregnancy diagnoses as well as disease diagnostic imaging. Sedatives may be necessary for those animals that won’t stay still or are uncomfortable. During the scan a water-soluble gel is applied over the clipped area to be examined and a transducer (probe) is placed on the skin.
Once the scan has been done we will give you a call or book an appointment for our veterinarians to show yo
u the images and to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet.


Most of our patients are admitted into hospital for the day to have radiographs taken, unless it is an emergency and we’ll take them immediately. We ask that you bring your pet in unfed on the morning of admission, as they will most likely be sedated or anaesthetised to allow us to take the best quality radiographs possible.

Once the images have been taken the veterinarian will contact you to discuss the results.





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